Canadian Brewhouse Oilers Nostalgia Mural

Canadian Brewhouses are well known for their decor and location-specific homages to the home team. This particular location at the Edmonton International Airport was looking for a tri-fold nod to their immediate locale, the greater metropolitan area and their national namesake with this Edmonton Oilers-based Canadian Flag mural, with a real prop and (Photoshopped) engine as the maple leaf!

Sourcing old Oilers hockey cards from the depths of the internet and pulling elements from several high-resolution plane engine images, I was able combine digitally illustrated and photo-realistic bits to create the illusion of a perfectly symmetrical, very aesthetically-pleasing aviation-themed Canadian flag. Here are some of the files’ progress shots below!

Dimensions of this particular wall are 300″ x 55″ (25′ x 4.5′).

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