Connect Centre Parkade Mural Production

As a production artist, I am often supplied a brand guide, pattern or design language conceptualized for a project. Unfortunately, not all stakeholders are able to access the final installation locations for the designs because in most cases, the areas haven’t been entirely completed and more often than not, dimensions and coverage can change up until the opening day of a project.

In this particular instance, the Ice District Parkade in downtown Edmonton, opened in phases starting in 2018 and required a very organized staging of production and installation based on construction completion. Artwork and schematics provided by Entro Communications in Calgary had to be carefully dissected, edited and compared against redrawn templates based on the actual constructed dimensions to ensure exact placement and optimal coverage to achieve the overall desired look.

These vestibule mural wraps represent less than 5% of the scope in this parkade beautification project.

Almost entirely proofed, produced and output as vector illustrations in Illustrator and Indesign, there were a number of instances that required perspective overlays of the edited artworks in Photoshop to confirm measurements and approximate coverage, shown in a few of the images below.


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